Booking Process for your Wedding Florals

Book your Wedding Florals is quick and simple: the process is often finalized by our couples in 10 minutes!

To guarantee the best result in each wedding we book a limited number of event per week. Our Booking Process aims to guarantee our service availability for your date.

Sign of contract and deposit payment can be make directly online, saving papers and trees, in line with our Green Philosophy.

How it Works

In order to guarantee Florals and Decoration Services for the date we ask you to accept our contractual conditions and a 30% non-refundable booking deposit based on estimated total cost.

You can easily calculate the exact amount referring to total estimated cost page of last floral proposal you received from us. In case in the proposal you got a price range, we calculate 30% on lower estimated cost.

We will ask final payment one month before the wedding.

For the best and transparent relation you can read our contractual conditions or download a blank copy of the contract from this page.
But please Do NOT print this contract: this is only for your reference. This can be filled and signed online during this process ( we love Nature and we like to save paper and trees )

To start our booking process we resum here next steps:

1. Fill and Sign contractual conditions

We will send you by mail a link to sign it online. After your sign, contract will be automatically sent to us.

2. Pay Deposit Invoice

In few hours from your contract signed, You will receive by mail deposit invoice with all details to make payment: we accept PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer.

Once completed this 2 steps date will be booked and services for the day will be guaranteed.

useful content:

read contract now

download blank contract

tips for payment

ok, got it:

start booking process