Escape into a Regency Era-Inspired Daydream

It’s no secret, the Regency era, known for its opulence, empire waistlines, and tumultuous romances, is making a comeback, and not just in fashion. While celebrations are smaller in size, couples are leaning away from minimalism and leaning into over-the-top designs…and we’re here for it! From multiple outfit changes to glamourous lounge setups and plated dinners, we’ve seen no shortage of extravagance.

A wedding is the perfect excuse to give in to the escapism that we’re all craving, dive into your deepest fantasies…and take your friends and family with you! Paulina Corvi wanted to design a wedding that celebrated the Regency Era while still reflecting modern sensibilities. Lilla Florals truly outdid themselves with these arrangements! We can’t get enough of the ombré floral runner that starts in a deep, vibrant fuchsia and fades to a delicate blush and the abstract assortment of floral towers and scattered petals in the ceremony space. Villa di Maiano is a historic location and the perfect setting for this shoot with its lush gardens and ornate decor. Each of these photos by David Bastianoni is reminiscent of portraits from a bygone era.
Inspired by the Regency Era, a period of time noted for its elegance and achievements in the fine arts and architecture. To achieve this very unique sense of vintage elegance, we needed to find the perfect wedding venue that had that regal authenticity.  The villa dates back to the 1400s, and still has some of the original tapestries and wallpaper; it was perfect for the vision we had in mind.
We wanted to design something lush and colorful; something that matched the Era’s amazing fashion. At the same time, we wanted to make sure that our design also had a touch of modern refinement, incorporating that vintage vision into our world today. We ended up creating an over-the-top white ceremony with an abundance of garden roses and candles.
For the reception, we designed a “fuchsia to light pink” ombre centerpiece with lots of crystals and translucent details. Every other facet of this event was intentionally chosen to further elevate the sense of romance. From the pink floral stationery with torn edges and the 3D wedding cake to the off-shoulder lace wedding gown; everything helped breathe further enchantment into the design.

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