Flower Regeneration Process

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We give back your flowers to Nature feeding wine and olive plants of local crops.

We felt we had to give something back to Mother Nature who gives us gifts of so much beauty and helps us to create decorations that make the most beautiful days of our special couples.

Nature gives us such a beautiful gift: the Flowers, that accomplish us contributing to the most beautiful moments of our life. He does not deserve to be wasted .. he deserves something much greater.

The slightest gesture to thank him is to help and accompany him towards a new life.

Yes, a new flower that will be born from a plant nourished by the flower itself.

Energy is not destroyed, it only changes shape, energy is infinite, like love.

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nourishment for vines and olive groves

The Floral Transformation

Stored in our advanced composters in our lab, supervised and treated every days, the flowers take about 8 months to transform into precious Compost.

Your flowers will thank you for giving them a new life.

The 4 Steps of Flower Regeneration Process:




Feeding of local Vines and Olive trees

Storage in our advanced Composter

Organic Selected Disposal at the end of your Wedding

After this process we have a good precious compost. We have agreements for free distribution with local vine and olive growers who will use the compost to feed their crops.

The plants will grow healthy and helped by energy from your flowers they will Generate New Flowers!

Saved Flowers is stored in our special composter containers that guaranteed reduced transformation times. Composters is located outside our lab: this guarantee our presence and we can take care of saved flowers every days, moving them often and treating when necessary.

Flowers will become good precious compost in about 6-10 months.

At the end of your Wedding, we start our dismantling service to recollect decorative materials and more. Together with this we start Saving your Flowers and greens putting them in separate containers that will be transported to our lab.



New flowers from Vines and Olive trees

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Flowers are the music of the ground,
From earth's lips spoken without sound.